Andrea Pescetti

Data. DevOps. Drupal.

46. Male. Italian. Executive Director at Nuvole. CEO and Founder at Datamira.
Adjunct Professor of Web and Data Journalism at the University of Parma. OpenOffice PMC Member at Apache. Mathematician. Traveller. Runner.

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Talks and Projects


A list of recent and upcoming talks.


DrupalCon Europe 2022

Prague, September 2022

20 years of community interactions: data-driven analysis and visualizations of the issues (registration required) Read more



Online event, February 2022

Revisiting the Linux packaging for Apache OpenOffice Read more


DrupalCon Europe 2021

Online event, October 2021

Drupal for Universities: current state and perspectives Read more



Online event, February 2021

Rebuilding the Apache OpenOffice Wiki Read more



Brussels, February 2020

Creating Word Clouds with OpenOffice
Read more


Drupal Europe 2018

Darmstadt, Germany, September 2018

Analyzing the Drupal Community: a Data-driven Approach (registration required) Read more


University of Roma Tre

Rome, Aula Magna, April 2018

A new digital library for Italian high schools Read more


FPC Courses

University of Parma, April 2018

Data Journalism and Data Visualization (registration required) Read more


FPC Courses

University of Parma, March 2018

An Introduction to Data Journalism (registration required) Read more



Brussels, Belgium, February 2018

The OpenOffice Localization process Read more


La Feltrinelli

Parma, Italy, November 2017

Augmented Journalism: the future of Data Journalism (book presentation) Read more


Comune di Marsala

Marsala, Sicily, Italy 14/9/2017

Web 2.0 for the Tourism and Food industries (registration required) Read more


Drupal Day Italy 2017

Rome, Italy, 3/3/2017

Testing Drupal 8 with Behat Read more


DrupalCon 2016

Dublin, Ireland, 26/9/2016

Configuration Management: Theory and Practice (registration required) Read more


Comune di Favignana

Favignana, Sicily, Italy 12-23/9/2016

Sicily Summer School 2.0 Read more



Bruxelles, Belgium 31/01/2016

Cleaning up the spellcheck dictionary - And making it faster and more maintainable Read more


DrupalCon USA 2015

Los Angeles, USA, 11/05/2015

An Effective Development Workflow in Drupal 8 (registration required) Read more




You can contact me at

Twitter: @pescetti

LinkedIn: Andrea Pescetti