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Andrea Pescetti

Computer Science Group, University of Parma, Italy

You can reach me at .

Research Interests

Automatic analysis of floating-point computations, Automatic termination analysis, Automatic resolution of recurrence equations.

Research Activity

I used to be the maintainer of the PURRS library and project.

I used to be involved in the PPL project.


R. Bagnara, F. Mesnard, A. Pescetti, E. Zaffanella, A new look at the automatic synthesis of linear ranking functions, Information and Computation, Volume 215, June 2012, Pages 47-67. Abstract.

R. Bagnara, P.M. Hill, A. Pescetti, E. Zaffanella, Verification of C Programs Via Natural Semantics and Abstract Interpretation, 2007. Abstract, PDF, PS.

R. Bagnara, P.M. Hill, A. Pescetti, E. Zaffanella, On the Design of Generic Static Analyzers for Modern Imperative Languages, 2007: Abstract, PDF, PS.

R. Bagnara, A. Pescetti, A. Zaccagnini, E. Zaffanella, PURRS: Towards Computer Algebra Support for Fully Automatic Worst-Case Complexity Analysis, 2005: Abstract, PDF, PS.

Other stuff

My personal page contains articles and software unrelated to my research activity.

Programmi utili per TeX/LaTeX, a guide to TeX/LaTeX-related programs (in Italian).

Una selezione di Free Software, a guide to commonly used free software programs (in Italian).

I also have a public life.

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